Stardusk Encounter

In a scene where bands seem chained to their specific genre, Stardusk Encounter is a consistently shape-shifting entity, yet the unique mixture of styles isn't there as a hollow grab for every possible audience. This is a band of well-schooled multi-instrumentalists, writing and performing on their own terms with a canyon-wide palette of slinky, ominous sounds. Get into it! [Information provided by Bandcamp]

Robbie Rob: keyboards/bass/guitar/percussion/vocals 
John John: guitar/drums/keyboard/vocals 
Rob Paz: drums/guitar 
Joe Base: bass/guitar/percussion/vocals 
Produced by: Stardusk Encounter & Julio Ibarra courtesy of 617Company (Chicago,IL) 
Engineered by: Julio Ibarra courtesy of 617Company (Chicago,IL) & Robbie Rob 
Mixed by: Julio Ibarra courtesy of 617Company (Chicago,IL) 
Mastered by: Steve Corrao courtesy of Sage Audio (Nashville,TN) 
Logo design: Remington Cleve 
Photography & art direction: Paper Pigeon Studio (Chicago,IL) 
Recorded @ 617Space / The Clubhouse / Avenue C Studios 
(c) 2017 Third Encounter Records. All rights reserved.

Chicago based band, music truly out of the world.  Intergalactic tunes, pure euphoric cosmic sounds the ease your bumpy ride through the stars, you have to experience it first hand.  You can find their music on Bandcamp, Facebook and Spotify, the new album is out! Check them out!

The Myrcenes

Myrcenes, hailing from Chicago's south side, and carrying on the tradition of booze, blues, regret infused rock and soul. It gets real loud. [Information provided by Bandcamp] 

Chicago based band, definitely get ready for the loud, high energy, multi-instrumentalist love, from guitars to harmonicas, The Myrcenes will take for a rock and roll ride! You can find their music on Bandcamp and Facebook! Check them out!

Soft Candy

The Soft Candy legend begins in the fall 2010. alex(piano) met alex(guitar) through kritzer(guitar) and alex(guitar) knew roy(drums) and kritzer knew kyle(bass) and they all started playing together choosing a band name was hard and the earlier names were unspeakably profane so we spare you those early titles shoegaze jazz chords in 5/4 were cool and everything but something had to change and kritzer lost it so he bounced then adam showed up and made it art and that was cool then alex got tired of it and tried to break us up but then alex showed up and alex left but alex still played keys thus birthed chelsea boots and violet eyelids in a bloodbath of egos gone plural to at least hundreds of songwriters...[More of Soft Candy, please visit]

Soft Candy is total psychedelic muse, from bouncing on mushrooms in a 5th dimensional forest to rocket ships catapulted into space, check them out! 


Microcosms makes music to question your beliefs to. The Chicago-based alternative rock band began as the brainbaby of Andrew Tschiltsch, who spent a few years recording solo demos and experimenting with his sound before enlisting Bryan Emer (bass) and Jered Pipenbrink (drums) to fill out the band. The band blends introspective lyrics with lush guitar riffs and pulsating rhythms. Microcosms is most influenced by modern rock artists like Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, Courtney Barnett, Bully, Wolf Alice, The Strokes, and Portugal. the Man. Their second EP, "Fairytale" will be released October 2018.

[Information provided by Facebook]

Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp and Spotify!

Broken robots

Broken Robots is an indie pop/rock/hip-hop group comprised of three downtrodden antiheroes from the city of Chicago. "Home Is Not a Place" is the group's first full length album, and tells the story of the city experience through the eyes of ex-cons. The group was formed by Kat Baker and Tony Baker in December 2017, when the duo began writing music together in their Chicago apartment.


Band Members:

Tony Baker

Kat Baker

Marvin Ontiveros

[Information provided by Facebook.  Check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp!]

Pure Remedy 2nd Album Release: "Whispers"

Saturday 12/08 at 7:30pm

Casa de la Cultura Carlos Cortez (Mestizarte)

1440 W 18th St, Chicago, Illinois 60608

[Information provided by Facebook. Check out their music on Spotify and Bandcamp, follow their pages on Facebook and Instagram!]

pure remedy

Cosmically inclined to give you what you've been looking for, perhaps a bit of yourself in this realm. Rockin' on with passion in every depth!

Stillness walking & running with the wind across all lands and skies, adapting to the chaotic, optimistic, eccentrically familiar and unfamiliar tones of music, Pure Remedy is a four-piece Chicago alternative rock band born in the summer of 2008. Four musically inclined self taught musicians & aura brothers from all parts of the city, acquiring strengths of the transformation of sound collages and all of their energy like acrobatic magicians. From their 2009 scrapped demo “Watered in the Cellar” singles such as “Of a Child”, “The Others”, to their officially much embraced first album “Remedio” in 2015 with chimes & profound transport songs such as “Teleport” & “Blackbutterfly”, Pure Remedy is currently finishing up their much anticipated sophomore 9 track album entitled “Whispers” out this fall of 2018. With the privilege to open up & perform along side an array of amazing local & national- international artists, this fall of 2018 will feature a cosmos of profound vibrations to the release along with new invited guest in the album & rhythmically- blissful live surprises. Always searching and interconnecting, Pure Remedy lives to be your tonic & mending potion. 


Band Members

Joey Nava: Drums, Percussions
Louie Ocampo: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Carlos Ortega: Guitar, Bass
Arturo Valle: Guitar

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