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Nora's Playlist is where Photographer and Music Lover combine forces and become one!  We provide space for indie bands, media coverage, photography, interviews, events and more! It's the perfect combination to create one space for both passions.  We strive on supporting indie bands and following their amazing musical journeys!

In 2017, a PR company by the name of Izquierdos Rezervados contacted me to collaborate and join their team. After a year of working together, we have grown, learned a lot from each other and our main focus is to give space to all bands and musicians out there. We do media coverage for events, conduct interviews, record warehouse sessions with artists, online live show broadcasting, radio shows, reviews, live music photography, vlogs, blogs and much more! 

Recently, I came on board with two of our amazing local bands, Pure Remedy [Alternative Rock] and Ronin [Synthwave], as one of their booking agents.  I'm very excited to be part of their team and I look forward to embark our musical adventure together.

If you are interested in media coverage, contact us!  Check out my YouTube Channel, Facebook page, Instagram,, Spotify and Snapchat icons are below!  



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